Top 10 Travel Destinations of the 2010 Decade

December 31, 2019
Yi Peng

As we close out the 2010s I’ve been reflecting a lot on my top 10 travel destinations of the decade. WOW! I’m so grateful for all the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learned, the growth I’ve tackled and the adventures I’ve accomplished. Biggest lesson: Travel is a choice. And over the last 10 years I chose to prioritize and build my life around travel because of its intoxicating ability to make me feel alive and to broaden my perspective of what it means to be a global citizen. I’m thankful for my epic, impactful and memorable travels. Here’s a look at my Top 10 Travel Destinations of the 2010 Decade:⁣

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand⁣


Attending the Yi Peng Lantern Festival was a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list, dream-come-true experience that is beautiful, powerful and spiritual beyond words. It should be a must on every traveler’s future top 10 travel destinations!

2. Ciudad Perdida, Colombia ⁣

Ciudad Perdida Lost City of Colombia Top 10 Travel Destinations

Hiking Ciudad Perdida – the “Lost City” of Colombia – in 2012 reignited my passion for international travel after years of being focused on building a life in LA… and the rest is history!⁣

3. Berlin, Germany ⁣

Top 10 Travel Destinations Berlin Germany

Falling in love in a city is rare for me, but boy did I fall hard for Berlin’s energy, nightlife, history, Christmas markets and culture that promotes freedom of expression.

4. Pulau Tiga, Borneo ⁣

Top 10 Travel Destinations Pulau Tiga Survivor Borneo Justin Walter

Growing up in the Midwest I was inspired by a reality-TV show to travel the world, so it brought tears to my eyes visiting the origins of that childhood inspiration and realizing I turned my dream into my reality.⁣

5. Mürren-Gimmelwald, Switzerland⁣

Murren Gimmelwald Switzerland

Out of all my thrill-seeking adventures the scariest has been hiking and hanging off the side of a sheer cliff thousands of feet above ground unsupervised on a via ferrata.⁣

6. South Africa⁣

Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve South Africa Justin Walter Top 10 Travel Destinations

I’ve never felt more connected to Mother Nature than during my first trip to Africa which included my first ever safari with Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, cage diving with great whites and leaping off the world’s highest bridge bungee jump.⁣

7. Torres del Paine, Chile ⁣

Trekking solo on the W trek Patagonia was one of the most physically demanding and mentally exhausting experiences of my life that allowed me to prove to myself how strong I really am.⁣ Definitely a⁣ top 10 travel destinations must.

8. Cinque Terre, Italy ⁣

Cinque Terre Italy Justin Walter

I’ve never been prouder of my Italian heritage than experiencing the beauty of my homeland for the first time while hiking along the Cinque Terre trails that connect five small towns along the jaw-dropping Italian Riviera.⁣

9. Zion National Park, Utah⁣

Thanks to two trips to Zion National Park with Travel Mindset I discovered my favorite US National Park to date while hiking Observation Point, Angels Landing and The Narrows.⁣

10. Machu Picchu, Peru⁣

Around the World with Justin

One of my first solo trips of the decade, Machu Picchu is a traveler’s rite of passage that left me mind blown and more confident than ever that my passion is to travel. ⁣

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Top 10 Travel Destinations of the Decade

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  • Reply Gannon Zayn November 9, 2020 at 12:04 am

    Thanks for sharing this article. Not surprised to know that many of the European locations have managed to become the top places to visit. Europe is beautiful.

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      Reply justinAdmin December 4, 2020 at 11:44 pm

      Thank you for checking it out. Europe is a special place. I waited until my 30s to explore it and quickly have fallen in love with the variety of cultures, landscapes and people.

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